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About this blog!

This blog is written by Amit Upadhyay . I believe coding education is very freely available, but that a lot of people struggle with it and give up. My mission is to enable better resources to help more people succeed.

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Deploy your private repo in seconds with Crypt-git

Crypt-git Installation

~/aupadhyay $ npm install -g crypt-git

~/aupadhyay $ vim .cryptfiles

=> Add file name(s) into .cryptfiles

~/aupadhyay $ cg push

~/aupadhyay $ cg decrypt

=> You can now work remotely.

My recent projects !

Below are some of my recently made projects. Most of them are open source, you may find them interesting.

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And now...
A bit about me:

My name is Amit Upadhyay . I love to play with languages & try to learn new things every day. I'm fluent in: C,Java, C++ and JavaScript. I have screwed about a bit with Lua for embedding scripts with Redis DB and a little bit of python too. Strong in DS, Algo. I have decent experience in software development. I love building things, making them scalable. I have made some software products which are present in the market.

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