A function is a named sequence of statement(s) that performs a computation. Function can be categorized as belongings to:

  1. Modules function
  2. Built in
  3. User defined

Function in modules

  • A module is a file containing Python definitions (i.e. functions) and statements.
  • Definitions from the module can be used within the code of a program.
  • To use these modules in the program, a programmer needs to import the module. Once you import a module, you can reference (use), any of its functions or variables in your code.

Ways to import modules in program:

  1. import
  2. from


It is simplest and most common way to use modules in our code.

Its syntax is:

import modulename1 [,modulename2, ---------]


>>> import math

On execution of this statement, Python will:

  1. search for the file „math.py‟.
  2. Create space where modules definition & variable will be created,
  3. then execute the statements in the module.

Now the definitions of the module will become part of the code in which the module was imported.

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