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Why this blog?
I believe coding education is very freely available, but that a lot of people struggle with it and give up. My mission is to enable better resources to help more people succeed.

On the one end, you have free resources like Codecademy, Codechef and Free Code Camp where you can teach yourself programming but have little support if you get stuck, and on the other end you have coding bootcamps where you have lots of support but also have to pay tons of money.

For a person of little means who aspires to better their life by becoming a coder and I don’t just mean better financially via getting a coding job, but also being able to craft and shape the digital world we live in they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. With the resources currently available today, I still feel that coding is, in large part, reserved for privileged people with a lot of money and/or free time.

I want to create a product that bridges the gap between the two: where people still primarily use the free resources to learn coding, but have a place to go to when they’re stuck. And that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

So this is Binomial an awesome platform to deliver tutoring services on, that I would actually love to use. :-)

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